Cammax Precima now offers a Production and Contract Assembly service, using its own range of machines in a clean room environment to produce the highest quality devices.

So, whether your company has a capacity problem or simply prefers these services to be undertaken by a company with specialist knowledge and dedicated equipment, you need to discuss your requirements with us.

We have installed a suite of Cammax Precima EDB80 Precision Die Bonders into our 100 square metre Production and Contract Assembly facility. Each machine is equipped with a vertical laminar flow system to ensure a clean room environment capable of supporting the production of passive components for use with devices for Internet systems such as fibre optic communication systems - heat sinks, ceramic carriers, thermistors and so on - and for a range of microelectronic and electrical applications.

They are backed by a range of Cammax Precima Eutectic and Adhesive Die Bonders so that we are able to offer the full range of pick and place die bonding services. The Cammax contract assembly service offers preproduction, development and specialist small batch work and also semi and fully automatic production-level outputs, depending on customer requirements and the components and devices involved.

These systems are backed by a Bond Shearer capable of both destructive and nondestructive bond strength testing, and full inspection facilities.

The Cammax Precima Production and Contract Assembly - just what you need to give you efficient and rapid turn round of your assemblies.